Midnight’s Budding Morrow by Carolyn Miller – Blog Tour and Giveaway

Good Day Friends!! I have a wonderful book to tell you about & I hope you’ll add it to your TBR ASAP. There’s also a fun giveaway below to enter for a chance at winning a copy of the book if you’d like to.

Look at this Gorgeous Cover!!!

About the Story:

Can real love grow between a wallflower and an unrepentant rogue?

Sarah Drayton is eager to spend time with her best friend at her crumbling Northumberland castle estate. Matrimony is the last thing on her mind and the last thing she expects to be faced with on a holiday. Yet she finds herself being inveigled into a marriage of convenience with her friend’s rakish brother.

When James Langley returns to his family’s estate, he can’t be bothered to pay attention to his responsibilities as the heir. War is raging and he wants only distraction, not serious tethers. But his roguish ways have backed him into a corner, and he has little choice but to obey his father’s stunning decree: marry before returning to war, or else. Suddenly he finds himself wedded to a clever and capable woman he does not love.

Sarah craves love and a place to belong, neither of which James offered before returning to the battlefront. Now everyone around her thinks she married above her station, and they have no intention of rewarding her for such impertinence. It isn’t until her husband returns from war seemingly changed that she begins to hope they may find real happiness. But can she trust that this rake has truly reformed?

When tragedy strikes, this pair must learn to trust God and his plans. Will they be destroyed . . . or will they discover that even in the darkest depths of night, the morning still holds hope?

Excerpt from the Book: https://facebook.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=312d9c42859d078a024ef39aa&id=194b16747f&e=5a8cf37d8c

My Review:

This is the kind of wonderful book that takes you through all the emotions and leaves you cheering when you get to the end. Sarah Drayton has knows little but a life of drudgery with her relatives and thus she jumps at a chance to make a visit to her friend’s home. How her life changes with that choice is both wonderful and heartbreaking. I loved seeing her strength shine through in her arranged marriage. There was so much that could and did break her at times but her faith sustained her when nothing else could. James was a terrible rake that transformed into the most loving hero throughout the pages of the story. He had much history and sorrow to battle against and I loved his journey to redemption. The slow burn of the love story was my favorite part. Neither Sarah nor James had really experienced true love before, beyond God’s love, and yet, they eventually found their way. I absolutely despised Copley and Dawson, they were hideous people and only made things harder on the entire Langley family. Mrs. Broomhead and Even balanced those two terrors out by proving allies for James and Sarah. Them helping the Langleys show each other kindness and love was a great addition to the story. The twist at the end of the story was very well done and I was not expecting it at all. I was glad to see everyone get what they deserved and those who needed it to receive grace and love. I will most certainly be recommending this lovely story to others. It’s one that stays with you long after the last page and draws you back to read it over again.

I received an ARC of this story from Kregel Communications via Audra Jennings PR. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am most pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

About the Author:

Carolyn Miller is an inspirational romance author who lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and four children.

A longtime lover of romance, especially that of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer’s Regency era, Carolyn holds a BA in English literature and loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. She enjoys music, films, gardens, art, travel, and food.

Miller’s novels have won a number of RWA and ACFW contests. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Australasian Christian Writers. 

Learn more about Carolyn at www.carolynmillerauthor.com, or find her on Facebook (Carolyn Miller Author)Instagram (@CarolynMillerAuthor), and Twitter (@CarolynMAuthor)


For a chance to win a copy of the book, please enter via the Rafflecopter form: <a href="http://<a class="rcptr" href="http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/8b3c91bb33/&quot; rel="nofollow" data-raflid="8b3c91bb33" data-theme="classic" data-template="" id="rcwidget_fgwouzi3">a Rafflecopter giveaway</a> <script src="https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js">http://<a class=”rcptr” href=”http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/8b3c91bb33/&#8221; rel=”nofollow” data-raflid=”8b3c91bb33″ data-theme=”classic” data-template=”” id=”rcwidget_fgwouzi3″>a Rafflecopter giveaway</a> <script src=”https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js”></script&gt;


Butterfly Sisters Blog Tour

Welcome to my blog stop on the Butterfly Sister Blog Tour!!!!

The very talented Jenny Hale has just released a wonderful book about reconnecting with family, lost loves and the one place you really called home. I’m so blessed to have gotten a chance to read this book and to share with with all of you! Check out the blurb below for more reasons to read the book and grab your own copy using the links below. I’ve also included my review of this book just in case I haven’t already convinced you that you need this book in your life. Happy Reading!!

Book Blurb:

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Beach House, with over a million copies of her books sold, comes a story about family bonds, second chances, and finding out who we really are. Butterfly Sisters is the perfect escape for fans of Susan Wiggs, RaeAnne Thayne, and Susan Mallery.

“When emerging into the world, a butterfly needs the struggle to push the fluid from its body into its wings. So essentially, without the struggle, it never flies.”

About to land her biggest deal yet, Leigh Henderson is on her game. Nothing can get in her way. Except Rebecca Mayer, who’d sashayed in a few weeks ago with a former client list that would fill the entire hallway to Leigh’s office. When her boss unexpectedly offers the deal to Rebecca and tells Leigh he’s letting her go, Leigh finds herself without a job.

But that’s the least of her worries.

Her mother has some news that will change everything. She’s asked Leigh and her sister Meredith to meet her at the family cabin on Old Hickory Lake. Not only has Leigh been unable to track down her sister for years, but going back to the cabin would mean dealing with the loss of her beloved grandmother and also chance running into her old flame Colton Harris, the one love she’s never been able to completely let go of.

Will confronting her grief, speaking to her estranged sister, and forcing herself to face the love she’d left behind help Leigh to learn who she really is?

A heartwarming story that will have you laughing, crying, and rushing to those you hold dear. If you loved the Christmas movies based on Jenny’s books and are looking for more feel-good, small-town romance, look no further!

My Review

Though I don’t have a sister in real life, I found myself connecting pretty well to the sisters in this book. Leigh has worked so hard all her life to please her parents, her boss, and her clients, and despite the fantastic level of success she’s achieved, there’s still something missing. Meredith has always felt unappreciated by her family and has determined to move beyond their constant disapproval. These two had so much to work out, not only with each other but in their own lives. There was so much bitterness and resentment between them that they couldn’t even have a proper conversation together. Enter their mom and her insistence they come to their Nan’s cabin for important news. Thus began a journey for each of them to find belonging and acceptance. I loved the reality and rawness of this story. Jenny didn’t hide the pain and grief of the characters behind happy smiles and surface level dialogue. No, she got right down into the painful pieces of their lives and showed us how forgiveness happens – when we let go of our pain and accept apologies that are truly heartfelt. Leigh didn’t even realize how much of herself she had lost in the search for success. Plus, she had lost the connection she once had with her family. Meredith had pushed her pain aside to make a better life for herself but the chip she carries on her shoulder is nearly boulder sized now. I was so glad to see that Jenny had them work through everything on the pages of the story and come to a realistic conclusion. Life is messy and broken many times and fixing it is not always easy or wanted. Leigh also had to consider her past with Colton and how that affected their relationship now. She had believed that success was only to be had far from Old Hickory Lake and Colton had found a way to bring success and life right into his own backyard. Watching these two work through their long held issues together was an interesting addition to the story. Colton and Leigh challenged each other to think outside the box of what they believed was the right kind of success in life. I do wish there had been a bit more about how they sorted everything out on the pages but seeing them finally get together was the perfect resolution. I’m not giving any other spoilers here so you’ll just have to go read the book to see how it all turns out for the best. A big thank you to Jenny for letting me read your wonderful book and share about it’s release into the world!!

I received this complimentary ARC from Jenny Hale and Harpeth Road via BookFunnel. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

Purchase Links

Amazon: http://geni.us/BS_Amazon

Apple : http://geni.us/BS_Apple

Google: http://geni.us/BS_Google
Kobo: http://geni.us/BS_Kobo

About the Author:

Jenny Hale is a USA Today, Amazon, and international bestselling author of romantic contemporary fiction. Her books have sold worldwide, have been translated into multiple languages, and adapted for television. The Beach House, released in 2021 sailed to number three on the Amazon Kindle Chart and it hit number one in the categories Contemporary Romance, Women’s Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Romance. Her novels Coming Home for Christmas and Movie Guide Epiphany Award winner Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses are Hallmark Channel original movies. She was included in Oprah Magazine’s “19 Dreamy Summer Romances to Whisk You Away” and both Southern Living’s “30 Christmas Novels to Start Reading Now” as well as “Beach Reads Perfect for Summer 2020.” Her stories are chock-full of feel-good romance and overflowing with warm settings, great friends, and family. Jenny is at work on her next novel, delighted to be bringing even more heartwarming stories to her readers. When she isn’t writing or heading up her romantic fiction imprint Harpeth Road, she can be found running around her hometown of Nashville with her husband, two boys, and their labradoodle, taking pictures—her favorite pastime.

Check out these other stops on the tour for more reviews of this delightful read!!


Beyond the Lavender Fields by Arlem Hawks – Book Review

Beyond the Lavender Fields by Arlem Hawks

Published by Shadow Mountain Publishers February 01, 2022

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Drama

Pages: 362

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

As the fires of revolution spread, can a Jacobin and a royalist put aside their differences to protect all they love?

1792, France

Rumors of revolution in Paris swirl in Marseille, a bustling port city in southern France. Gilles Étienne, a clerk at the local soap factory, thrives on the news. Committed to the cause of equality, liberty, and brotherhood, he and his friends plan to march to Paris to dethrone the monarchy. His plans are halted when he meets Marie-Caroline Daubin, the beautiful daughter of the owner of the factory.

A bourgeoise and royalist, Marie-Caroline has been called home to Marseille to escape the unrest in Paris. She rebuffs Gilles’s efforts to charm her and boldly expresses her view that violently imposed freedom is not really freedom for all. As Marie-Caroline takes risks to follow her beliefs, Gilles catches her in a dangerous secret that could cost her and her family their lives. As Gilles and Marie-Caroline spend more time together, she questions her initial assumptions about Gilles and realizes that perhaps they have more in common than she thought.

As the spirit of revolution descends on Marseille, people are killed and buildings are ransacked and burned to the ground. Gilles must choose between supporting the political change he believes in and protecting those he loves. And Marie-Caroline must battle between standing up for what she feels is right and risking her family’s safety. With their lives and their nation in turmoil, both Gilles and Marie-Caroline wonder if a révolutionnaire and a royaliste can really be together in a world that forces people to choose sides.


Story Notes

A love story set at the beginning of the 1792 French Revolution that will leave you pondering it long after you finish the last page.

Some books have the power to get down deep inside you and stay there a long time. This latest story by Arlem is certainly one of those. Set in Marseille at the the beginning of the French Revolution, two young people are brought together by a casual wager between friends. Gilles Etienne is the clerk for a well- known soap factory owner in Marseille. He, his brother Max and his friend Emile often place wagers on whether or not they can steal a kiss from a charming miss they happen to meet. With the dare to kiss the young woman in his employer’s office, Gilles thinks to make quick money, but he soon finds himself outwitted by Caroline who is aware of the “game” they play and calls him out on his roguishness. So begins a story towards love that is fraught with contention and sarcastic flirting. Gilles is a devoted Jacobin, convinced that a change in government must come if the French are to be truly free. Caroline is a staunch Royalist with no love for the oft violent Jacobins who have no love for those who believe different from them. With their tightly held beliefs enclosing each of them, there is little hope of a future together, no matter the giant sparks of attraction flying between them whenever they speak. Will they let this revolution drive them apart forever or can they find a middle ground to meet on? That answer is found when you come read this amazing story, #sorrynotsorry.

There was so much about this story to truly enjoy, from the clearly long-researched history, to the descriptions of the soap making and the city of Marseilles, to the highly realistic characters and their strong opinions. Even the “bad guys” were well developed with just enough vengefulness to them to make you despise them entirely. I got a dreadfully real sense of terror towards the end of the book when everything was falling apart in Marseilles. And the sweet moments between Gilles and Caroline were at precisely the right moments to relieve the incredible tension building with each successive chapter. My favorite lines were, “I do not wish to kiss you” and “Jaimas en vain (Never in vain)”. They played such a great role in the telling of the story, despite the shortness of them. And they are just the kind of lines you want to put on a sign on the wall in your reading spot or a t-shirt to wear. Please do yourself a fantastic favor and go get a copy of this moving and inspiring book. There is much to learn from it and I promise you won’t be sorry you read it.

I received a complimentary ARC of this story from Shadow Mountain Publishing. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am most pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

The Buy-In by Emma St. Clair – Book Review

The Buy- In by Emma St. Clair

Published by Emma St. Clair January 19, 2022

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Sweet Romance

Pages: 434

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

“You can’t Schitt’s Creek a town, Tank.”
“And you can’t
verb a noun, son.”

When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn’t intend to start a war with its residents … or to fall in love.

Ever since his career-ending injury, Pat has bounced from job to job, idea to idea, short-lived relationship to short-lived relationship. But when his father purchases the town of Sheet Cake, Pat suddenly sees his life with clear purpose: get his brothers on board with his dad’s wild idea and win back the one woman who got away.

Lindy was supposed to be traveling the world, not stuck in a small town, caring for her niece. But she would do anything to keep custody of Jo–even if that looks like a marriage of convenience with the man who already broke her heart once.

Now if she can only keep herself from falling back in love with her husband…

This is a small town, marriage of convenience romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. It’s the first in a spinoff series following Harper’s brothers (from Falling for Your Best Friend). You don’t need to have read the Love Clichés series first to enjoy this book.


Story Notes

The Grahams are back in this hilarious and beautiful story of second chance love paired with a marriage of convenience – which means you don’t want to miss reading this book.

I first fell in love with the Grahams when I read Harper’s story in the Love Cliche’s series. They had this incredible, close family dynamic that was both highly entertaining and highly inspiring. Tank is the head of this delightful family and he has just BOUGHT A TOWN!! His first confidant in this quest to create a family legacy is his youngest son, Patrick, who takes to the news with more than a little shock. That shock quickly turns to interest when Pat finds out the name of the town: Sheet Cake, Texas. The home town of the one woman that Pat ever seriously considered marrying before his professional football career was blown by an injury. Lindy Darcy is the one who got away and the one Pat’s brothers call “The Woman” after their breakup sent Pat on an aimless spiral into depression and poor choices. Is this his second chance to make things right with Lindy? Would she even give him a chance to explain? Is she even still in town? These questions and others race through his mind as he and Tank make their first visit to Sheet Cake to check out just exactly what Tank has bought. A series of (un?) fortunate events leads them right to Lindy, who is not only still in town and living in her childhood home, but is also raising her niece, Jo. Thrilled at the chance to have Lindy in his life again, Pat determines to get his brothers on board with the ideas Tank has for the town and find a way to move there ASAP. One accidental bar fight alongside his brothers and subsequent arrest by the town’s biggest and most cheerful police officer and Pat finds himself confined to the town for the foreseeable future. This followed by the news that Lindy needs to marry someone to ensure she gets full custody of Jo and Pat is ready to become an official Sheeter immediately. He just has to convince Lindy that he is her best option, not just for legal reasons but because he has never stopped loving her after all these years. Will she let him into her life and her heart……time will tell if Lindy decides to be brave once again.

I can tell you right now, this book is definitely going to be one of my absolute favorites released this year as well as an overall favorite to reread often. The characters are so real and honest with just the right amount of sarcastic humor that you would love for them to be your friends in real life. The inside jokes, the many literary and pop culture references, the “verbing of nouns” all combine to make a story that I’ve loved so much I read it twice already. There is also the beautiful love story of Pat and Lindy that is both incredibly swoony and fraught with misunderstanding. We get to see them work through the painful parts of their past and then fall in love all over again, making readers fall in love with them too. And all the side characters of the story serve to make it not only really fun to read but give a depth and reality that all readers will be cheering about. I’m so excited to see where Emma will take this series next. There is some incredible potential for some very spicy and sarcastic romances in this little town and I am totally going to be here for every one of them. If you haven’t yet added this book to your TBR, do it now! And while you’re at it, add the Love Cliche series to your list too as I guarantee you’ll want those fabulous stories in your life as well. Well done, Emma! This story was really beautiful and one to be proud of writing.

I received an ARC copy of this book from Emma St Clair via BookFunnel. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am very pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

The Holiday Plan by Emma Lynden – Blog Tour and Book Review

Welcome to the Blog Tour for The Holiday Plan by Debut author Emma Lynden!!

Super Cute cover that I absolutely LOVE!!

First, here’s a little bit about this new author:

Growing up, you could always spot Emma Lynden with her nose in a book, drawn towards uplifting fiction full of hope and heart, and frequently imagining stories of her own. It was then that her dream of becoming a writer first took root.

But it wasn’t until years later, when a close friend chanced to remark, “I bet you could write a really nice romance,” that those long-tucked-away dreams finally found the direction they’d been destined for. 

Our friends know us best, don’t they?

After a stretch of late nights, a whole lot of scribbling, and the spark of a holiday surprise, she penned “The End” on her debut novel… and so this adventure began. When she’s not clicking away at her keyboard spinning heartwarming stories about family, friendship, and finding true love, you can usually catch Emma soaking up the sunshine (or snowfalls) outdoors, capturing the beauty of everyday life behind her camera lens, or cozily curled up with her first passion—reading—a hot mug of something sweet in one hand and the promise of a happily-ever-after in the other. 


And for those who like to check out Book Blurbs – I’ve got one of those to share too:

From one of the freshest new voices in clean and wholesome romantic fiction, The Holiday Plan is the perfect escape for fans of Courtney Walsh, Annie Rains, and Debbie Mason.

Native New Yorker and author Verona Scott is battling heartbreak, both personally and professionally. Coming off a disastrous split with her ex, she’s struggling for inspiration to write her next book. And she’s lost without her favorite Aunt Theoni’s wisdom and guidance.

Hoping for a fresh start and to avoid the holiday completely, she’s planned a Valentine’s detox: a luxurious trip alone to the historic Courtington Castle hotel, near the adorably quaint town of Camelot Creek, tucked into a picturesque valley in the Adirondacks.

But escaping the heart-shaped balloons and red roses isn’t as easy as she thought.

This won’t be the restful retreat she’d imagined. Instead, she’s just walked into one of the biggest matchmaking events of the year. Not to mention, the incredibly attractive single dad and dating coach Troy Turner is heading the whole thing up, and he’s on a mission to include Verona in the festivities.

Troy is in the midst of a professional crisis of his own. After a bit of unfounded bad press, the very last thing he needs is a guest to cast doubt in the minds of his attendees.

Will Troy change Verona’s mind about the most romantic day of the year? Just when sparks begin to fly, an unexpected visitor checks into the castle, stirring up the past. No matter what, for Verona, Valentine’s Day is the day where everything changes.

A heartwarming, sweet romance that will whisk you away to a magical winter wonderland and have you reaching for the hot cocoa and box of chocolates long after the holidays.


My Review:

I loved this beautiful story! The reality of the plot, the reactions of the characters and the sweet romance came together to build a story that didn’t seem at all like a debut book. Verona was a character most people can relate to in some way. She’d been hurt by several very important people in her life and lost one of her biggest cheerleaders for her career, her Aunt Theoni, and was just feeling a bit lost in life. Plus, her writing career has taken a tough hit with her latest manuscript being passed over by her publisher. A cross-roads was before her and she made a good choice – getting away from the norm and seeking new inspiration. She found way more than she expected and right in the middle of her least favorite holiday ever: Valentine’s Day. Who would have thought that her most dreaded holiday would bring her the inspiration she needed so badly and a chance at true romance too? Emma wrote Verona with so many good and legitimate emotions nearly everyone would feel given these situations. I was pleased to see that she gave Verona space to not only feel everything but work through it all and find the peace and forgiveness she needed. And Troy was a great “hero” for the story. His approach to helping others find love was so wonderful and I definitely enjoyed hearing some of his conference speeches. The way he was described made me think of Dan Stevens or Chris Pine and imagining Troy looking like either of them certainly made the story even better, haha! The intentional daily interactions that he had with his daughter while also giving good attention to his work were more points in his favor and made him much more realistic to me. But it was Verona and Troy together that made this book so good. Their quietly growing romance from beginning to end was just right, with no outlandish plot devices or kitschy one-liners. They were honest with each other and communicated well, which is not a regular occurrence in most romance books. And the kisses they shared were sweet and swoony too! I did get a bit put out with Verona towards the end when she didn’t talk to Troy about the newspaper article. Everyone knows that what’s printed in the news is false nine times out of ten so why didn’t she just ask him about it? They had been very open and honest thus far, why would he have just thrown that all away? But, I digress. This book will remind readers to keep their hearts open to love because you never know where it might come from next. This is a lesson we all could take to heart and remember on the toughest days.

Emma is certainly an author that is going on my “to read” list for the future. I am very much looking forward to what she will release next; perhaps it will feature Verona’s friend Luz? Be sure to grab your own copy of this story for your own bookshelves. I definitely will and will also be highly recommending this story to others who love sweet romance too.

I received this complimentary E-book from Emma via BookFunnel. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am most pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

Direct link for you to purchase your own copy:


Don’t miss the other stops on the blog if you’re interested in seeing more about what people are saying about it:

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Playing the Scoundrel by Courtney Willis – Book Review

Play in the Scoundrel by Courtney Willis

Published by Courtney Willis January 12, 2022

Genre: Historical Fiction, Regency Romance

Pages: 218

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

She’s out to teach this scoundrel a lesson, and he’s out to win her heart…

Emma Follett had no hopes out in society with a fallen sister ruined by a rake, but she receives one last chance with help from her grandmother’s society-savvy friend. Now wary of gentlemen in society, Emma is horrified when a roguish man charms and rejects her friend, then turns his attention to Emma. That’s when she decides she’s had enough – Emma is determined to play his game and have her revenge.

Henry Godwin is a known rake and wears the title with pride. Despite family pressure to settle down, Henry is determined to remain a bachelor for life. That is, until he meets the feisty Miss Follet, and believes her to be a worthy opponent, perhaps even someone worth changing his ways. But when her true intentions are revealed, his hopes are shattered, which inspires him to devise a plan of his own.

As Emma begins to see a change in Henry, she wonders if she should give him another chance, or if it will be her ultimate downfall. In a battle of wit and will, when they start falling for each other’s games, who will come out the victor?


Story Notes

Courtney gives us a delightful romance with plenty of snap, sparks and just enough swoon to have readers hoping for more from this highly engaging series.

I love stories that don’t follow the normal take on Regency. Courtney offers this story of “enemies to lovers” that I’ve been waiting for since I finished the The Undesirable Duke. Henry Gowan was much too free with his flirtations and affections and I’ve wanted to see him finally get knocked down a little. And Emma Follett is just the woman to do it. Emma has long despised the fickleness of wealthy young Ton members who flirt their way through every dance or ball in a Season, leaving broken hearts and hopes in their wake. After seeing such a thing happen to her best friend, Emma determines to gain a little revenge on at least one of these men – men like Henry Gowan. Knowing his reputation of never passing up an attentive miss, Emma promises to make Henry fall in love with her and then break his heart by refusing his inevitable proposal. But for her plan to succeed, she can’t tell anyone or all will be for naught. So begins her quest and it succeeds fairly well. What Emma didn’t plan on was seeing that there is more to Henry and his flippant ways than he lets anyone else see. Can she really be cruel enough to break him down, even when he shows her his sincerity?

Henry Gowan has always prided himself on his ability to woo women of all ages. His father has always told him he was a disappointment to his family so why not find other society people who see him as more agreeable. If that means he’s judged to be a “rake”, so be it. He can live with this reputation. No woman has ever held his attention entirely – that is, until he meets the very engaging Emma. She seems to carry the same attraction for him as he does for her but doesn’t simper and sigh around him like other society women do. She speaks honestly and openly and calls him out on his bull. Emma is the kind of woman Henry never dreamed about pursuing; viewing himself as below their notice, despite his inevitable wealth and position upon his father’s death. Her admiration of him inspires Henry to think better of himself and seek to repair the relationship between himself and his father. But when things come crashing down, will Henry be the man Emma inspired him to be or will he return to his rakishness out of spite?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and how the story unfolds, you’ll have to come read and find out. This story gave a slightly different viewpoint to the Regency period. Many books focus on the “good” members of this time but this book told of the more common “regular” members of society. Affairs and liaisons were incredibly common amongst the Ton and many thought men who didn’t participate were not “real men”. Thus, Henry, as a true man of the Ton, has quite a reputation amongst the ladies. Everyone pretends to be shocked but isn’t really. And Emma, though well-intentioned in her quest to avenge her friend, finds out the hard way that a man without good reason to change will not do so. I loved the witty banter and the characters. Mrs. Crissy is both a mentor and an encourager for Emma, teaching her to take care in her choice of spouse. Though she is unaware of Emma’s true plans, she does seek out the truth of the men that Emma shows interest in and offer excellent advice. Plus we get to see more of James and Isabel from the first book and I love their input in conversations. The character growth arc for Emma and Henry was very well developed and realistic. There was no perfect forgiveness scene to avoid any heartbreak by any character or perfect turnaround for the roguish ones. There was, however, a marvelous story of finding one’s broken way in the midst of great loss and pain, thanks to close friends and mentors. And there were certainly some very swoony kisses sprinkled throughout to keep things interesting. Definitely add this book and the first to your TBR if you love Regency romance with good depth and story. I will for sure highly recommend these stories to everyone as I really enjoyed them.

I received this temporary complimentary E-book from Courtney Willis via Bookfunnel. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am please to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer – Book Review

The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer/ Illustrated by Guy Wolek

Published by Bethany House Publishers October 12, 2021

Genre: Children’s fiction, Seashore fiction

Pages: 32

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

Happy is an adventurous little crab whose world is suddenly turned upside down (literally!) when a mama and her son discover his large, unbroken shell while on vacation at the beach. After deciding to keep the shell as a souvenir, the boy unexpectedly feels the crab move inside and is suddenly faced with a decision: take him home or let him go. His compassion for the crab and thoughtful decision to release him gently reminds readers of the importance of selflessness and highlights how our environment, relationships, and experiences contribute greatly to our happiness.
The Happy Crab is based on a true story experienced by Kevin, Layla, and their son, Steevenson, and you can see a video of the actual shell and crab at TheLetteredCottage.net/TheHappyCrab.


Story Notes

Loved this beautifully illustrated story about Happy the crab. Children will get to see pictures of places and creatures native to certain parts of the ocean and learn lessons about compassion and nature conservation without being criticized. I also loved how the family in the story sparked the conversation about adoption and how each family can look different. My nephews have loved reading this one several times and I know it will stay a favorite for them. I highly recommend this story to others looking for a fun adventure story with lessons to be learned.
I received this book from Bethany House Publishers via their Non-fiction/ Chosen program. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

A Love Uncontainable by Leah Brunner – Book Review

A Love Uncontainable by Leah Brunner

Published by Leah Brunner November 23, 2021

Genre: Clean Romance, Medical Romance

Pages: 297

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

Seven years ago I made a decision that would change my life forever… I’ve never told a soul.

Now I’m worried my past could ruin my future.

As a surgeon and single father, my life is chaotic. I barely have time to find a new babysitter or a new tenant for my income property, let alone think about dating.

Sophie Windell seems like the answer to all of my problems—renting out my income property and babysitting my daughter.

But now Sophie brings a whole new set of complications.

I can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous she is, and how her laughter fills the house with joy. Not to mention our daughters adore each other.

So, what’s the complicated part? Well, she’s still grieving the loss of her husband, and I work with her dad.

And then there’s the secret I’ve held for seven years. If I tell her, will I lose everything she’s brought into my life?

Or worse, will I hurt the woman I’m coming to love?

Trigger warning… this work of fiction contains vague descriptions of sexual assault and has themes such as, grieving the loss of a spouse. It also contains mild language and references to alcohol.

Story Notes

Return to Kansas with Leah as she tells a beautiful story about love, family, and learning to really live your life fully.

Gosh, I love stories like these! Stories that grab you in the first few pages and don’t let you go even after the last page. Leah’s newest grabs hold of your heart and invests you and all your emotions in her plot and then leaves you pondering, and swooning over, it for quite a while after you finish reading it. Sophie Miller is a young military widow who is looking for her freedom and purpose once again. It’s been three years since she lost her husband Sam, and, while she loves her family, she needs to be on her own again so she can reclaim her life. Her three-year-old daughter Samantha is the joy of her life and she is looking forward to teaching school again. An opportunity to move into a family friend’s basement apartment gives Sophie the chance she’s been looking for but she didn’t expect the attraction that also comes with her move. Drew has always been like another brother to her so why is she now noticing how attractive he is? Her heart isn’t quite ready for another relationship but pondering the possibility can’t hurt right? Drew Reed is an orthopedic surgeon who is perfectly content raising his daughter Penny and going on the occasional casual date. Offering Sophie the basement apartment is a win-win as she’s also agreed to babysit his daughter the rest of the summer and then after school during the rest of the year. But having Sophie in his house brings Drew a whole new awareness of her. Since when did her sweet personality and quiet beauty become so very attractive to him? As they become better friends over the weeks after she moves in, the possibility for a deeper relationship becomes more of a reality. But are they both ready to share the hurts of the past and dive in to a true relationship or will some secrets keep them apart? I’m not spoiling anything by telling you so you’ll just have to find out for yourself – but, trust me, that won’t be a hardship for you at all.
This book was so engaging to me that I read it all in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down until I found out ALL the details and read the last page. Sophie and Drew are wonderful characters who’s personalities just demand that you get invested in their story. The shared experiences, the awkward conversations, the sweet moments of real communication and the swoony kisses all add up to a fantastic story that I’m definitely adding to my shelves. Its the kind of story you could read over and over and still feel it all the way to your soul. I cried, laughed, cringed and swooned in turns as the story unfolded and definitely feel like I need to find me a Dr. Drew ASAP. Penny and Sammy were also a marvelous addition to the story and helped bring Drew and Sophie closer together. And seeing Madden and Odette again in several passages was a fun inclusion too. I loved how there was good connection to the previous story but not so much that you couldn’t read this one on its own (though, why you would only want to read this one is beyond me, haha!). I’m very excited to see where this series will go next – hopefully David and his snarky neighbor will be the next couple of focus. I can see that story being a riot with what was told in this one (lol, the cat!). You’ll certainly want to put this story on your TBR if it isn’t already there. It’s one that all readers of swoony, clean romance will not want to miss adding to their shelves.
I received this temporary complimentary E-book from Leah Brunner via Booksprout. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am very pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

The Night I Found You by Noelle Bensen – Book Review

The Night I Found You by Noelle Bensen

Published by Autumn Mountain Books November 16, 2021

Genre: Romance, Christian, Family

Pages: 306

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

The road to independence is paved with good intentions.

A series of life-changing events forces Gemma Stone to realize how dependent she is on those around her. Lost, alone, and quite desperate, she attempts to put distance between herself and her past. The last place she ever thought she’d find herself is in the wilderness of Vermont.

A devastating snowstorm is the perfect opportunity for Levi Hudson to have a quiet weekend getaway in his remote cabin. His father can’t bother him all the way out here. But a strange sound in the dead of night will put him on a path he never saw coming.

Levi is the only person who can provide Gemma with what she needs. With an offer of marriage on the table—along with a side of squirrel—all of Gemma’s problems could be solved. But what’s in it for him?

Follow their journey in this first installment of the River Haven series from debut author, Noelle Bensen.


Story Notes

A love story filled with hope, redemption, forgiveness and some swoony kisses, Noelle’s first book will have you adding her to your “auto-buy” author list.

Debut novel – that could be very good or very bad. Thankfully, Noelle invites you to read a debut story that is not only very good but also very engaging. It’s one of those stories you don’t want to end because you have become invested in the characters and are sad to leave them. I had a wonderful time reading this story and might have lost a little of my heart to the fictional Levi, haha! Gemma and Levi are two broken pieces of the same whole and I loved watching them fall in love. Their pasts had jaded them to letting someone else in but when their circumstances brought them together, they found that their chance at love hadn’t been lost forever. Beyond their beautiful relationship, I really liked the rest of the characters. Charlotte was a wonderful friend to Gemma, and helped her along as she worked to be more assertive and purposeful. She listened without judgement and offered sound advice backed by prayer. Thus, she taught Gemma what a real friend looks like – someone who is there for you no matter what happens. Another thing I really liked, and that brought Gemma and Levi together, was their evolving relationships with their respective parents. Gemma had been hovered over and controlled her entire life by her father and that had driven her to run away. Levi, along with Charlotte, was able to help her find her own courage and make important decisions for herself. He was her biggest cheerleader, even if it meant she might not choose him in the end. And Levi’s dad was a bit harsh on him, though he had good intentions. I was glad to see how each of them was able to finally have their voice heard and work through the negativity and assumptions so their relationships could heal. It also gave good backing to the relationship Gemma and Levi were trying to build. I’m so excited to see where Noelle will take this series next. And I just know she will make it just as good or better than this story and I’m totally here for it. Well done, Noelle! This is certainly a story to be proud of publishing.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Noelle Bensen via BookFunnel. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am most pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

An Alleged Rogue by Sian Ann Bessey – Book Review

An Alleged Rogue by Sian Ann Bessy

Published by Covenant Communications November 08, 2021

Genre: Historical, Regency Romance, Mystery

Pages: 332

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Publisher’s Description

Lord Adam Dunsbourne is a tyrant. At least, that’s what everyone says. The tales are shocking: accounts of a man who gambled away the family fortune and keeps his younger sister, Emily, captive in their home at Dunsbourne Manor. So when Adam and his sister make an unexpected appearance at a dinner party, the scandalized whispers cannot be contained.

New to the town, Phoebe Hadford hears the condemning rumors and determines to do all she can to help the baron’s oppressed sister. Upon entering Dunsbourne Manor, however, she quickly discovers that all is not what she has been led to believe.

Adam, unsure of whether he can trust the intentions of his beautiful neighbor, is quickly drawn in by Phoebe’s genuine nature. But even as Adam and Phoebe’s connection deepens, a dangerous enemy from Adam’s past reemerges. For years, Adam has hunted for the man who betrayed him, not realizing he had only to wait. His foe has returned, and this time, he will threaten everything Adam cherishes most—including the woman he loves.


Story Notes

Sian brings another delightfully swoony and mysterious story to the Georgian Gentlemen series and I had a marvelous time reading it.

Most readers have seen the bookish meme going around with the girl wanting to both finish a great read and yet make it last as long as possible. That was me with this story. I loved the way that Sian added depth and plot to her story with each chapter, drawing me further into the lives of her characters and truly getting me invested in what happened to them. Adam, Lord Dunsbourne, has been working like mad to return his family’s coffers to solvent for the past five years. A mistaken investment by his father cost them dearly and led to the former Lord Dunsbourne’s death. But the thief who swindled his father is a master of disguise and fled the country right after the discovery of theft was made. His sister, Emily, is now approaching the age where she will need to make her debut into society, so his focus must move from seeking out the scoundrel to helping Emily make her entrance. He is at a loss, however, with how to make that happen. Having no wife and no acquaintance with societal experience, he must use what means he has at his disposal to allow him to find someone who might help. Thus, a dinner invitation brings him back into the world of society and introduces him to the delightful Phoebe Hadford. Phoebe’s family is new to the area of Berkshire though she is well acquainted with several of the young ladies in residence. The sudden appearance of the reclusive Lord Dunsbourne sets tongues to wagging and Phoebe’s friends are only too happy to share the malicious gossip that surrounds the Dunsbourne family. Her heart breaking at the idea that sweet Emily might be held captive by a controlling brother, Phoebe makes it her mission to befriend her in the hopes she might ascertain the truthfulness of the rumors. What she finds instead of an overbearing man, is a shy, hardworking gentleman who is trying to ensure his home and family are well cared for. An easy friendship builds between the Dunsbourne and Hadford homes but the local society is still vicious in their tales. Can Phoebe use her standing and her influence to help remove the shadow hovering over the Dunsbourne name? And will Adam be able to return the proffered favor when his nemesis makes another appearance? Can he also take a chance on love, even though he once believed it out of his grasp forever? You’d better grab your copy of this delightful story if you want to find out because I’m not telling!

I can’t recommend this story and the series highly enough. It’s well written, has excellent characters, includes some sharp wit and a hint of mystery/suspense that culminates in a read that you will both want to rush through and savor at the same time (remember the meme?) I loved how everything flowed well and there were no places where conversation became boring or repetitive. Adam was a wonderful hero, though he tended towards self-sacrifice a bit too often. It was a flaw that was remedied but made him relatable to readers. Phoebe was the perfect person to befriend Adam and Emily and her tendencies towards snobbery were tempered quickly when she was faced with opportunities to help her friends. One other thing I did notice and really appreciated was that any character that was mentioned was given a good bit of page time. There were no random mentions that weren’t developed and I’ve enjoyed seeing how Sian does that with all of her books. If you’ve not already done so, get this book and the series on your TBR list immediately and settle in for some excellent reading. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

I received this temporary complimentary E-book from Sian Ann via NetGalley. I am not required by anyone to write a positive review but am most pleased to do so. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.